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My bath tub clogs up with water when I am washing dishes. When I am brushing my teeth in the bathroom sink.?

I know that I have to hire a plummer, but before I do that I would like to know if there is something that I can do?

My bath tub clogs up with water when I am washing dishes. When I am brushing my teeth in the bathroom sink.?
Two things you might try first. You have vents on the kitchen and bathroom drain lines, they protrude theough the roof. If you can find them, remove the cleanout caps from the sewer lines at ground level. Take a water hose and put it in the vent lines on the roof. Next put the water hose in the main clean out, working it in the line back and forth, keep pushing more hose into the line. Sometimes this will open the lines.
Reply:Get some liquid drain unblocker and use that first. Normally these are bleach based and are quite caustic and they eat through all the gunge that is trapped in the U bend of the outlet.

Take care when using this stuff as it is caustic so wear rubber glove to protect your hands. The stuff needs a while to work so best to do it overnight and then was away in the morning.

Good luck.
Reply:if all your drains are backing up then it is the main sewer pipe that is blocked. at this point there is nothing you can do but call a plumber and have him ream out the main line. just make sure he goes all the way to the main sewer line in the street.
Reply:Try a plunger first, see link in the source.
Reply:it dosnt sound like anything you can do...the same thing is happening with my place, when they built your house and did the piping they cheated and took shortcuts, and piped together all your sinks and tubs into one pipe, so basically all the pipes meet and go into one. now the problem is, you probably have a small clog somewhere in the pipe a little after they all meet and the water is backing up, and since your tub is the lowest to the ground, it gets the backed up water first.

you can live with the pipes all connected like that, but it makes clogs (as you can tell) a major pain in the butt. get the clog fixed and eventually save the money to get the house re-piped (we are right now) all the pipes are supposed to be seperate and join to the septic tank, or sewer depending how your connected.

if you want to try somthing before a plumer, get that high powered areasol *drain-o* stuff that creats a foam, and use it in the tub (closer to the problem and it may reach the clog) if that dosnt work, you%26#039;ll have to call a plumber, but hopefully it works... hope this all helps
Reply:This may be the most cost effective answer. Not the brightest, just the most cost effective.

Try washing your dishes in the bathroom and brushing your teeth in the other sink.

God Bless


Help my stegman clogs squeek when i walk on linoleum floor?

What? I think your in the wrong category.

accessories belts

Do you think clogs will ever come back? I am thinking of throwing mine out?

keep them to lounge in. Thats what i have them for just to walk around the house and to the gym

Do you think clogs will ever come back? I am thinking of throwing mine out?
No, it%26#039;s time to move on to better things. I wore clogs last year and I feel way more stylish in cute flats
Reply:I have a few pairs of clogs that are above all just comfy. They are great for just running errands. I hate to get rid of any shoes regardless of trends or not. If you like them , keep them.
Reply:Well don%26#039;t throw them out. DOnate them to someone that needs them. But if I were you I would. Clogs were never in.
Reply:im a male CNA and we all wear them at work .if they get dirty we just throw them in the autoclave on low and presto clean again

accessories belts

Rash or Oil clogs?

There are groups of small heads (like white heads but much smaller and softer) all around the left and right side of my nose. It will sometimes disappear but comes back again after awhile. It doesnt hurt and isnt itchy. Can it be cured with market products?

Rash or Oil clogs?
It sounds like white or black heads. In any case, you might want to try removing it with the Biore Pore Pack strips once a week. I find those to be particularly effective with blackheads.

For other times of the week, make sure you wash-tone and moisturise twice a day religiously. Be sure to wash off oil in those areas and use toner there too. Brush on a layer of tea tree oil gel just to treat any acne that might be there.

Finally, as an extra step you might want to try deep cleaning clay masques on your entire face (again, pay particular attention to the sides of your nose).

Might not be a good idea to use scrubs in that area, especially if they%26#039;re really oil secretion or zits - it might inflame the area and cause a big breakout.

Good luck!
Reply:it sounds like an out break of acne i have had the same thing before. try putting a cool cloth on it when it happens.
Reply:sorry to say this,,but it sounds like herpies
Reply:It%26#039;s just acne there%26#039;s not necessarily a cure, but there are products that can reduce it.


What stores cell clogs?

A cell clog storage bin?

What stores cell clogs?
HAAAAAAAAAAAAA try saying that 5 times fast!
Reply:Shoe stores. One of the best online shoestores is

http://www.zappos.com/welcome.zhtml just put clogs in search box.
Reply:pretty much any shoe store, if you meant %26quot;sell clogs%26quot;.
Reply:Jeans experts
Reply:WTF.. they r so OUT!

best cell is Sidekick 3



have a nice day*
Reply:HAHAHAHAHAHA hahahaha

thats funnier than the time i tried to turn

on my Labyrinth HTS with the cel phone

insurance registration

Care for wooden clogs?

I bought a pair of plain shoes (not painted) to work in the garden. Do I need to do anything to them before wearing them?

BTW, I know to wear 2 pairs of socks. ;-)

Sorry to put under %26quot;Travel%26quot; but figured it was the best place to find someone from the Netherlands.

Care for wooden clogs?
I%26#039;m not from the Netherlands, but do own a pair myself. If they are good clogs, you do not need to anything to them, just wear them and go. Actually, I don%26#039;t think it matters if they are good or not, just wear them. They don%26#039;t need any treatment or whatever. Try to keep them dry as possible tho to prevent rotting.
Reply:Why not contact a shoe maker or repair store? Doesn%26#039;t it make sense that you should put some kind of protect ant on them? Look in yellow pages for shoe sales, repair, or shoe maker. A hobby store would be able to help you. I buy weather protect ant for my outside art projects. Try that, it will work.
Reply:Linseed oil every month or so
Reply:NOPE just wear them.

YOU can wear more than just 2 pairs of socks!!! LOL

I have a pair of wooden shoes. DON%26#039;T wear them much and I live in HOLLAND MICHIGAN where we have Tulip Time Festival every year!

Lots of Dutch Dancing with dancers wearing wooden shoes! The Holland High School Band wears wooden shoes when they march in parades!
Reply:Hey just wear them. As all shoes in a time they will be worn out. And if they do you have a good reason to visit our country again.
Reply:It has nothing with question, just a fact.

Traditional clogs were made out of willow or poplar wood and are associated with the Netherlands and Sweden as part of the touristic %26quot;Holland%26quot;/Swedish image, where they are seen as a form of national dress. Because of this, Dutch people are sometimes called cloggies, that is, clog-wearers.

In Dutch, clogs are known as klompen. They have been officially labelled as safety shoes, passing European standards for the CE mark with flying colours. Today, Dutch clogs are available in many tourist shops.

Wearing clogs is considered to be healthy for the feet.
Reply:Hi there

I don%26#039;t think you need to do anything to them, I am Dutch and just inquired with my Dutch colleagues but none of us heard anything about clog care. Well nobody wears them anymore anyway. Just wear them. Have fun and good luck with your garden

car makes

Which one is he gel that doesnt clogs your pores and the sunscreean that doesnt clogs ur pores?

A really good sunblock is Banana Boat Oil Free Waterproff sunblock. It doesn%26#039;t clog your pores or irritate your skin. I break out really easily and this stuff works so well on your faced!

Which one is he gel that doesnt clogs your pores and the sunscreean that doesnt clogs ur pores?
i didnt realy know because am black an suncreen doesnt work on black people%26quot;at all%26quot; so all of them plugs the pores.

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